Preparing For Exam Week

Dear Parents,

Exam time is upon us once again. Year 8 will be taking their Common Entrance during the week of the 7th June and we wish them every success. They have all worked really hard and thoroughly deserve to do well.  Year 5, 6, and 7 boys will be taking GL assessments and end-of-year subject exams on the week of 21st June 2021. 

For some parents and boys, this time can be stressful. Below is the advice given by Mr Gill to the boys during today’s assembly. Exams are a useful indicator of progress but they are not the only indicator and can not be taken alone. Below is a little explanation of the tests and some advice about the coming exam week.

GL assessments

The GL assessments are tests that are run twice a year and are mainly for internal use. Once in Sept/Oct and then at the end of the year. Boys are tested in English, Maths, and Science and their results are presented as standardised scores against the national average. Teachers will use these tests to see the year in year progress of the boys.

End of Year examinations

Subject teachers will be setting revision homework in the weeks leading up to their examinations and lessons after half term will be mainly revision lessons to help prepare your sons.

However, some of you may wish to help your sons prepare further for their subject exams. Below are a few simple ideas which you could use to help.

The most important thing is to make a timetable and to try to stick to it. Revise in small, concentrated chunks of time with plenty of breaks, snacks, and a day off. Here is a link to
the  Oaka Revision Booklet

Mrs Stringer’s 10 top techniques techniques

Top Keble Revision Tips:

1) Start early
2) Do a small amount every day: short chunks
3) Set yourself a goal or target for each subject
4) Reduce lots of information to key points only
5) Write flashcards
6) Put a whole topic or unit on a mind map
7) Read or say aloud and recall
8) Badger someone at home to test you
9) Be active when revising, don’t just sit and look at pages
10) Exercise and sleep well
Above all: have a positive mindset and say to yourself, I can do this!

Quizzes are also a good way to revise: both making and answering the questions. The boys can make their own quizzes in Google by using a Google form ( they have this in the apps on the drive) as they revise and then a few days later by testing their knowledge by completing the quiz to see what they have remembered. See attached a video showing how to make a google quiz.

How to make a google quiz from Google forms

The Quizlet website is free and boys can make their own flashcards and then test themselves through games. They can use their school Google login to sign in via the google option. The site can be found at some boys are already using this site. It has also been downloaded to the boys’ iPads.

How to create my own study cards in Quizlet

Remember: start early, keep to the timetable and be active in your revision. All revision lists can be found on the parent dashboard.

We hope that this helps.

Mrs Fleming