During the senior school’s recent shutdown, many of the boys took time to reflect on our theme of kindness. One of our lovely Year 5 pupils researched how he could spread the message of kindness throughout the school, the community and the world.

He then sent an email to Mr Gill about his findings and wanted to share this with the boys at Keble. The theme of his presentation, to the younger boys, was thinking about how our acts of kindness can bring colour to people’s world. He presented extremely well and conveyed such a positive message to the younger boys. What a fantastic message from a fantastic young man.

( Please note no names were included for safeguarding reasons.)


Eco Club

Mr Noone and the Eco Club have been looking at Palm oil and its uses. It is unrealistic to expect people to stop using palm oil immediately so they have been thinking about how we might make its use more sustainable. In the assembly this morning a group of Y5 boys presented their slides outlining what they have learnt. It was all their own work and an excellent opportunity to practise their public speaking skills. We were all educated on such an important issue. Well done boys.

( Boys names have not been used in this post for safeguarding reasons)