Examples of good work around the school this week

At the end of this week, the boys have a well earned half term break and rest. There are so many examples of wonderful work that is taking place all across the school. Here are a few examples from this week.

Mrs Pontin introduced Y5 and 6 to the bottle challenge in her PSHE lessons.
What are you dreaming of doing once the pandemic is over?
What are you most looking forward to doing once the pandemic is over?   
What is your Bottle Moment?

Drawing your Dream

Their Bottle Moment was one thing they’d most like to do again when everything is better and back to normal. It may have been a friend they’d most like to see, a place they’d most like to go, a hobby they’d most like to get back to, or simply getting a hug from someone special.

There were many things that the boys talked about missing;  this was a good way for them to express their emotions about the pandemic but also to remember the things they have to look forward to.

Bottle Moments are putting out a nationwide call to schools to get kids to draw their own Bottle Moments, with the opportunity of having their picture drawn by Bottle Moments cartoonist, Rob Murray, printed on a special mug, and presented to them in person by Good Morning Britain host, Ben Shephard.


if it is something that you are interested in doing at home with your son, you can find out more here https://www.bottlemoments.com/

Fingers crossed for a Keble winner!
Mrs Pontin 

Some Examples

Year 4 – Science

What do you think happens to food after it enters the mouth? Look at our cartoon strips that show the journey it takes through the digestive system. We now know the order in which food passes through the organs in the body and know the functions of the different organs too.

Mrs Louca
Year 5MB – English
Year 5MB have been reading the play script ‘The Terrible Fate of Humpty Dumpty’ by David Calcutt.

We have explored the theme of bullying in detail and learnt how to write in the style of a newspaper. Our articles include key features such as: the masthead, dateline, price, picture, caption, splash, byline, columns, earpiece, strapline, and advertisements. They include eye witness accounts, police interviews and the use of direct and indirect speech to report on what has been found out over the course of the investigation.

These are some examples of the boys’ fabulous front pages.
Mrs Louca


Year 7 PSHE

Year 7 worked on creative responses to lockdown as part of Mental Health Week. The activity was introduced to them last Thursday during Mental Health Week and they worked on their ideas every day. In their second PSHE lesson, they presented their work.
Mrs D’Amato

Year 8 PSHE 

Year 8 have also been thinking about ways they express themselves for Mental Health Week. Here are a few of the ways they like to express themselves.
Mrs Fleming

Samir “I like drawing as it places me in a peaceful state of mind .”


Ishan Likes to write poems


Michael and Zachary like to take photos and edit photos in Photoshop to relax

“Zachary and I like doing photography in our spare time. We took these photos a while ago and edited them in lightroom.”

“I took these images on a very snowy day which I enjoy very much, and then I decided to edit them to make them look even better!”