In the Keble Prep Physical Education and Games Department we have a strong commitment to inclusion and ensuring that all boys benefit positively from their experience in sport. Pupils experience a diverse curriculum, offering opportunities for both team and individual sports. The vision of the department is firmly embedded in the idea of every pupil being provided the opportunity to reach their potential, and develop at a pace which suits the individual.

Our aim is to provide a range of physical experiences at all levels, and in a range of environments, which develop and encourage our boys to achieve in a safe and supportive environment. We have an overriding goal of promoting lifelong participation in physical activity which is one which we hope to have instilled in all of our boys as they move on from us into their life beyond Keble.

In addition to the Physical Education Curriculum our boys have games afternoons which, significantly increasing their exposure to physical activity. Games are played seasonally with Football and Cross Country being participated in during the autumn term, Rugby and Cross Country in the spring term, and Cricket and Athletics in the summer term.

At Keble we see Physical Education and Sport as being an integral part of our boy’s education; aiding in the development of each boy’s character by developing a plethora of positive character traits, including, resilience, sportsmanship.