Some Examples of Great Work From Around the School This Week

As we head towards half term this week’s blog looks at some of the wonderful work being created around the school even during lockdown. Well done to everyone!

This week Year One enjoyed making bikes in art as part of our transport topic. Here are a few examples of their work. – Miss Davis

Some wonderful examples of work from Year Two during Children’s Mental Health week.
Mrs Ioannou

Year Three had a lesson where they were taught colours in French, and the colours were linked to pencils. This young man (who we can’t name for safeguarding reasons along with his image) took the lesson a stage further and put on his own magic show. A wonderful example of thinking outside the box and presenting his work in a creative way! Amazing, and pure magic.
Mme Douglas

3H have read the myth of Perseus and Medusa and are finding out about other ancient Greek mythological creatures. Here are some of their Medusa masks that they made as part of our history topic on the Ancient Greeks. – Mrs Howe

Year Four have been discovering facts about the Roman Gods and Goddesses, and drawing accurate pictures of how they were perceived to look. Here are some amazing examples.

Some of the Year Four boys took part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch. Here’s a nice photo of Alex taking part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch and a drawing of a parakeet by Joshua who also took part – letting us know “I saw 2 parakeets in my garden and lots of other birds.” Along with a photo of a robin from Haaris – “I saw a robin when we did our bird watch at the weekend.” Thank you boys! – Mrs True

This week, Year Five have been researching the global water crisis and have created some presentations filled with shocking facts. Oscar’s presentation gave a very thorough account of most of the issues and some possible solutions. Click below to see a pdf of his presentation.
Mr Noone

Year Five have been working on developing their coding skills, focusing on selection. They have been creating quizzes and next week we will do our final edits, add instructions to our project pages and peer-to-peer assess the work. I have been so impressed with all the boys and will post a link to the quizzes next week, but have included Finn Grant’s quiz as a taster to demonstrate what he has done so far. Finn took all his previous knowledge to extend his quiz. Well done Finn! Click to play his Quiz and please leave some feedback. – Mrs Fleming