Clubs from Easter now booked via Arbor

If you have not yet please sign up ready for next term

Arbor is now available for all parents to use to book clubs and activities. Please note clubs can only be booked after Easter through Arbor. The only exception is the invitation-only clubs, which will show the invitation for parents and children in Arbor under clubs without parents having to do anything other than accept and pay clubs by external providers.

If you have not signed up yet please read below and look at the Arbor parent information guide by clicking the button below.

What is Arbor ?

The boys in the senior school can log in to Arbor from their dashboard to see their house points, attendance, timetable, and calendar. As parents of senior boys, you will now be able to log in to your own school arbor account and see your son’s calendar, timetable, attendance, and house points, including the narrative given when house points are awarded. You will also be able to update your address and information for the school.

Parents in the Junior school Rec- Y4 are now able to use the facility and book after-school clubs and activities. They will also have access to their son’s timetable and calendar. Please note that House points in the juniors are recorded in the class not digital at present.

Below is an introductory video that will show you some of the full facilities parents will be able to use in Arbor in the future. We have opened the facilities mentioned above and are flagging up that extracurricular club bookings for next term will be through Arbor, refining the current booking system for clubs now in place. Please look at the link which contains information and watch the video so you are ready. An email will be sent with login information.

Please note: You will be able to log in to the webpage via the parent dashboard or through a free Arbor app. The advantage of the app will be in-app messaging.