Meet Mr Gill

Taking charge of a school during the coronavirus lockdown is a formidable challenge but Perran Gill is undaunted. He is a familiar face at Keble, having been the Deputy Head since 2014.

Mr Gill believes that continuity is important during the current upheaval. “Everyone at the school has worked hard to develop a remote learning programme and resources for the Summer Term. However, it isn’t easy for families to adjust to home schooling and we need to be there to support them. In this critical moment, good communication is essential and, at Keble, I am pleased that all the boys and their parents know they can approach me.”

“The pandemic has thrown a number of challenges at us, but I think it is a test that we have to embrace and not be scared of. Whether as the captain of a rugby team or in my teaching career, I have always liked solving problems and have looked to inspire the people around me. These are skills that every leader should have, but of course they are especially important during this extraordinary situation.”