Planning Revision

Dear Parents,

Most of us still remember how difficult it was to settle down to revise each day for exams,  especially if it was sunny outside!

We hope that this revision guide will help a little. The most important thing is to make a timetable and to try to stick to it. Revise in small, concentrated chunks of time with plenty of breaks, snacks and a day off.

Try to reduce big topics to key points only on a mind map, bullet points or flashcards. Then verbalise these key points and expand them to an adult or record them to listen back to.

Explaining out loud to mum, grandma, the cat helps you to remember the learning.

Quizzes are also a good way to revise: both making and answering the questions.

Remember: start early, keep to the timetable and be active in your revision.

Most importantly, keep things in perspective and try not to make your child anxious even if you are finding it stressful!

We hope that this helps.

Oaka Guide to revision

Mrs Stringer