Life in the Junior School

Continuing on from Reception the Junior School offers all Keblians the opportunity to flourish and progress. From the very beginning of life in Year 1, we are looking ahead to what our pupils will become when they leave us in Year 8. Pupils are expected to develop ownership of their learning and development through the high expectations that we have. Key to this is the strong focus on teaching, learning and feedback. Pupils have opportunities in every Year Group to develop their skills in all academic areas. We encourage pupils to think outside the box and to research, investigate and ask questions. Focus on Literacy, Maths and PSHE are key to the whole curriculum. The Maths No Problem scheme (Singapore Maths) is used throughout the Junior School to encourage pupils to discuss and share their ideas and methodology and develop an innate understanding of numeracy as opposed to simply learning by rote; we are extremely proud of the work the pupils produce in their individual Maths Journals. The love of reading is fostered from day 1 and our pupils develop their imagination through their love of the written word. Our pupils are taught Games, PE, Music, IT and Art by specialist teachers.

Every year group has the experience of several school trips; from Bethnal Green to a Celtic village, Keblians are given opportunities to extend their learning through real experiences. We also have a number of Themed Days and activity days throughout the year such as Viking Day, World Book Day and No Pencil Day, where various drama and dance workshops take place. Pupils also perform in various dramas, class assemblies and music concerts throughout their time in the Junior School.

At the core of the Junior School is the PSHE curriculum which allows pupils to develop their own sense of worth and to understand the world they live in and the appropriate ways to interact with each other and adults. The Keble Prep House system is an integral part of this, where all pupils are not only part of a year group and class but part of a school ‘House.’ This develops their sense of belonging and team spirit.