IMPORTANT : Introduction to a new facility for parents in the senior school.

Dear Parents,

Over the coming year we will be opening our Information Management service ( Arbor), or our MIS, to allow senior school parents to have access to more facilities. 

At present, you have access to the parent dashboard on the website. This keeps the information you may need all in one place. The parent dashboard will continue to be the hub where all information is easily accessible but we will be adding a new and exciting square “Arbor”. 

The boys in the senior school can now log in to Arbor from their dashboard to see their house points, attendance, timetable, and calendar. As parents, you will now be able to log in to your own arbor account and see your son’s calendar, timetable, attendance, and house points, including the narrative given when house points are awarded. You will also be able to update your address and information for the school.

Below is an introductory video that will show you some of the full facilities parents will be able to use when accessing Arbor in the future. We have not opened all the facilities immediately. However, we will be opening the different areas of Arbor, in stages, over the coming months including extracurricular club bookings which will refine the current booking system. Please look at the link which contains information and watch the video so you are ready. You will receive an email over the next week with instructions on how to set up your password. 

You will be able to log in to the webpage or through a free Arbor app. The advantage of the app will be in-app messaging.