World Book Day, 5th March, 2020

The Seniors prepared to read to the junior boys


As the Year 7 tutors Mrs Brace and I were so pleased to see the enthusiasm of the boys getting ready to read to the younger boys. Max had even brought in his inflatable T Rex suit to read in. We all had such a chuckle watching him inflate the suit seen here.Such dedication.
Mrs Fleming 


Heroes and Villains in the Junior School

This year’s theme was heroes and Villains. I had the pleasure of being on the school gate today and seeing all the boys arriving. We had everything from Voldemorte to Peter Pan to Sherlock Holmes!
The day kicked off with our wonderful Year 7 and 8 boys visiting the Junior classes and reading a variety of fantastic stories.  The Junior School pupils were then very busy creating Wanted posters, Reward Awards and a variety of other exciting literacy based activities.
The Junior School assembly allowed our fantastic teachers to show off their costumes and we even had boys brave enough to speak to the school and share their knowledge of their chosen character.
The day was a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by pupils and staff alike.
Mrs Robe