Year 4’s – Roman Day

Yesterday, Year 4 transformed into Roman warriors. The boys made their own helmets and joined our lessons in costume. We spent the day making mosaic tiles and discovering hidden images and messages using Roman numerals. Take a look at our fabulous collection of tiles.

Grouting Tiles

Making Mosaics

Felix Nery-Potts

Over the course of the week, the boys have been learning about Gladiators and below are images of some of their fantastic work.

Sebastian Cayer

Luke Florides



LO: To use paragraphs to write an account about your life as a Gladiator

My Life as a Gladiator by Ellis Hatch

My name is Augustus and I’m 23 years old. I am married and have a small child. We have very little money and I have to steal food so we have something to eat. Unfortunately, I didn’t do a good job a few weeks ago and was caught. I felt ashamed and worried about my family. I was placed in a cell and was told I was to become a gladiator! I’m a very large and strong man but the thought of fighting scares me. However, I will be paid to do this and I can send the money to my family, which means I will do whatever is required of me. I am to be sent to Gladiator school to be trained.

Life at the Gladiator school is hard. My cell gets unlocked very early in the morning and I’m taken to eat my first meal of the day. The food is the best thing! We are fed very well but are also using a lot of energy with our training. We aren’t allowed to talk and are kept in shackles unless we are fighting. I train hard all day and I’m physically tired. We practise different fighting styles and use different weapons such as the net, trident and the oval shield.

I fought many battles as a Gladiator but I never got used to the noisiness of the excited crowds, the cheers were deafening. I also knew that every time I fought could be my last. In the Colosseum, I circled a Retiarius, who swung his trident and tried to strike me. He knocked me slightly off balance but I managed to recover. I hit him with my shield and he fell to the floor, and whilst he was down, I stabbed him with my sword in his leg. The crowd cheered and I won the battle which meant I could send more money home to my family.

I continued to battle like this for three more years. In my final fight, I was sweating in the hot sun with sand and dirt flying everywhere. I managed to trap my opponent with a net and was ready to kill him with a three-pronged trident. I waited for the crowd to decide on his fate. They chose to spare his life, so the gladiator lives to fight another day. I was lucky enough to get a large sum of money and leave my life as a gladiator to return home.