Year 5 Quizzes created in Scratch

This half term Year 5 have been developing their programming skills. We have been focusing on selection and conditions. The boys have created some quizzes to test out their understanding of these two concepts. Please see just a few examples of the boys’ work below. They worked really hard even though it is lockdown, and were a real pleasure to work with. I am really impressed by how well they picked up selection and conditions. As the Quizzes are pulling from Scratch it will take a few minutes to fully load.

Armaan’s Quiz

Lachlan’s Quiz

Kaito’s Quiz

Ellis’ Quiz

Finn’s Quiz

Yacoub’s Quiz

Freddie’s Quiz

Demetrios’ Quiz

Millen’s Quiz

Krishan’s Quiz

Noah’s Quiz
Click on the sprite to start

Jeremiah’s Quiz

Cai’s Quiz

Ethan Jones’ Quiz