Year 6 Games created in Scratch

Year 6 have been using Scratch to develop and extend their coding skills. We have been focusing on variables using game design to reinforce our understanding. Year 6 have all worked really hard during remote learning and I have been so pleased with their work. Here are a few examples of some games they put together. Please note as the page loads directly from the Scratch environment, it may take a few minutes to load.

Kaiden’s Game
Press the green flag to start the game!
Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys on your keyboard to catch as many apples as you can before the timer runs out, and the star for an extra 3 points! Watch out though – the bug will take 5 points off your score!

Aidan and Dawud’s Game
Instructions : Press the green flag to start. Use the space key or the up arrow key to jump. That’s it!

Finlay’s Game
Instructions : Use your left and right arrow keys to move the bowl and catch the fruit.

Jose’s Game 
Try and get to level 3

Karthik’s Game
Instructions : Use the left and right arrow keys to catch the falling crystals and improve your score in 60 seconds.