Fable lessons in Year 7

Year 7 have been working with Fable this term. Their project is to make a Fable butler robot that will, as it is moving about the room, detect someone and then offer them a snack.


The boys have to devise a program that can do this. They have been using the iterative design process to build up their program and develop their ideas. They have also been using their CAD skills, using a program called TinkerCad, to design a bowl to attach to Fable and some snacks to put inside it.



To support the boys learning we use a mixture of techniques such as using live coding examples. The boys observe my programme progress. Mistakes and debugging are highlighted and the boys can ask questions, guide development or code along. Peer to peer instruction were the boys support each other through discussion. Pair programming which supports the boys to produce better solutions to complex programming problems. We also use worked examples which support the boys to develop their programming practice.

Here are some videos with the boys explaining what they have been doing so far. Once we finish we will be back to show you the results.




Mrs Fleming