Atom Learning and Senior School Entry Preparation

Dear Parents,

Keble Prep has been enjoying Atom Learning’s School Platform, Atom Prime, for homework, lessons
and where relevant, mock tests. You also have the option to explore further learning opportunities through
Atom Learning’s Home Platform, Atom Nucleus – please see information below.

Atom Nucleus provides unlimited access to personalised learning at home from Years 3-8, combining high-quality teacher-written content with an adaptive algorithm tailored to your child. Click here to see how it works!

Parents will gain access to:
● Course areas across English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Science.
● Unlimited mock tests that closely mirror key senior school entry assessments.
● Granular performance insight on strengths and areas to work on.
● Live and on-demand video tutorials for supplementary support.

SCHOOL DISCOUNT: csoyvizc (This code is valid until 31st December 2021.)
While Atom Prime is free of charge, Nucleus starts at £20 per month and there is a 5-day free trial. We
hope it is a viable alternative to tuition for those parents looking to do additional practice from a
school-supported resource. Courtesy of our school being a Prime partner school, our parents can use the
discount code above for 20% off the first month’s payment when continuing past the 5-day free trial.

Please find a copy of the Atom Learning brochure here


If you do use Nucleus, I would encourage you to link your Prime and Nucleus accounts together. This
means children only need one login to access school work and home learning via Atom, and parents
receive information on their child’s progress in one place. Click here for a quick video guide.

You can also access a wide range of free webinars to help you get the most out of the platform. These
are led by Atom Education Experts and cover topics including Engaging Children On and Offline, Using
Atom Nucleus for Exam Prep, and year group specific information sessions. You can register with the
following link:
If you have any questions for the Atom team, please contact