Well-being at Keble Prep

During Mental Health week it was great to hear of the boys taking part in a number of activities that allowed them to ‘Express themselves’ in whichever way they choose. As well as focusing on this during the national project week, we at Keble Prep have been working to ensure that all of the members of the school community are being mindful of their well-being as part of their daily routine in the long-term.

The well-being activities topics in the Years R-2 classrooms have been used well by the younger members of the community and the well-being activities classroom in Year 3-8 has been accessed by many boys, with the tasks and information being used to aid in their well-being. We have also posted some great resources for parents on the parent portal, the aim of this being to aid parents in maintaining their son’s well-being, along with information and guidance for seeking assistance.

As part of our drive to encourage well-being, some of the boys have produced posters and information leaflets to share with the school community that are based on ‘5 ways to well-being’. These pieces of work are a fantastic way in which the boys can share their tips for well-being, show their creative side and help other members of the Keble family develop a positive approach to well-being. We have attached a selection of these.

It is heartening that, during this time of uncertainty, the boys, staff and families at Keble are developing the skills, outlook and knowledge to place well-being and wellness at the top of our agenda.

Look after yourselves and each other and please reach out if you need support with anything at all.
Mr Turner 

Examples of the boys’ lovely work