Life in the Senior School

As Keblians enter Y5 the school operates like a secondary school for all subject areas, with pupils moving from class to class, being taught by subject specialists. Pupils in Y5 to 8 are in forms for registration at the beginning of the day – the expectation is that all pupils will be in their rooms from 8.15 and by 8.30 at the latest. Pupils are allocated a locker in the form room where they can keep their folders and organise all their equipment.

For lessons, pupils in Y5 and Y6 are taught in forms apart from English and Maths, where they are in ability sets. These are fluid, with movement during the year if necessary. When pupils transfer to Y7 and Y8, the two classes generally merge and are then taught in ability sets for each of the academic subjects.

While we do follow aspects of the National curriculum, as our pupils get older our curriculum is more in line with Common Entrance, which is both stimulating and enriching, pushing pupils beyond the usual boundaries covered in Years 5-8.

Historically, prep schools have transferred at the end of Y8 as it was, and still is, considered to suit pupils’ development better. By staying on at Keble for Y7 and Y8, with small classes and individualised learning, we can ensure that pupils achieve their potential. In recent years Keblians have left us in Y8 to join St Albans, Haberdashers’ Aske’s, Westminster, City of London, Haileybury, Aldenham, Mill Hill and St Columba’s.

In keeping true to our ideal of the individual counts, our academic curriculum is very much built around individual needs with a strong learning support department and extension for the most able.